Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Here! I'm Here!

Holy cow! Has it really been a month since I shared last?!?! Where has the time gone?

I've been making cards - I've just been horrible about getting them put up on the blog... I should try to be better about taking a pic right away and putting it up... I'll try that out! Anyway, here are some cards I've made in the last couple of weeks.

Halobella - She went out to a friend who was in between jobs. I just wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her and that "someone" was looking out for her. I was so happy she liked the card - and even happier to hear that she found a new job!

Golfafella - Just a quick "man" card. I made this for my FIL for his birthday. Actually I made two of them and think I might try to give the second card to my DH for his birthday... It's almost two weeks away, so maybe he won't notice if he and his dad got the same birthday card? Okay, okay... I'll try to make a "fresh" card for him - just to make him feel special! ;-)

Teeoffabella - I made this card for a lady I was sending images to. I hope she likes it! I decided to leave the card fairly "blank" so that she could re-use it if she wanted to, and make it her own. I thought she might like to add a sentiment or something to the front...

I-wish-I-looked-so-good-on-a-bike-abella - I made two of these cards just because I wanted to. I had stamped some images for some friends and made it a point to stamp a few extras so I could play a little. She was pretty fun to color, and I just love her little pooch in the basket. Almost makes me want a little lap dog... almost...

Globetrottabella - I made two of these cards for a couple friends. I was going to put "You mean the world to me" but didn't - in case they want to re-use the cards for something else. I almost never write inside my cards anymore. I write on a post-it note and stick it inside the cards. This way, the recipients do get a note from me, but can pass the cards along if they choose to do so. Oh, and I used a sketch I found over on Courtney's blog for these cards. I saw it, liked it, and wanted to try it.

Again, all the patterned paper I used for these cards came out of my scrap-paper tote. It definitely feels good to be using it up instead of just adding to the pile, but I have to wonder if, at this rate, I'll ever need to go shopping for pretty papers again. ;-)