Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks Nej!

I have to thank my wonderful friend, Nej, for the idea for this card! She made a similar one for a card swap on Stamped that I loved. I needed to send my mom some Snowbunnybella images and thought I'd CASE Nej's card idea. I still like her card better than mine, but since I like to make a card out of the images I send people, and because it's for my mom, she'll be super impressed with what she gets -- she's easy to please! ;-)

Anyway, here's my take on the card:

And here's Nej's card:

... and yes, I got permission from her before posting it here ;-) Sorry about the blur in the photo - I'm not quite sure what is going on with my camera. I honestly didn't realize it was blurred until I saw it here...

Thanks again for the inspiration, Nej!

Aren't friends wonderful?


cjknick said...

Super duper cute! Love the Snowbunnybella AND Nej's Emmybella!

TFS :)


Kim Scraps! said...

Love both versions of the card. Very cool.
Hugs! Kim

Eulanda said...

I LOVE THE SNOWBUNNYBELLA! Since we're casing each others cards....LOL! I don't think I own the Olivia set. I think I used Moxie which is what the Quickutz handle came with. Good guess tho. Oh BTW - love your nails. Seen them in your last entry where you're holding the card. LOL! I notice cuz I do mine too and LUV them! My girlie girl luxury!